Sunday, August 14, 2011

summer in the garden with george

that is NOT a song title or even a song lyric...just popped in my head.  I'll leave it open to any wayward songwriters out there to use it for inspiration.

I'm sitting here putzing around on my computer because I'm a bit afraid of going out to the garden after several days of rain.  I know there were baby cukes galore out there a few days ago, and I'm sure I will get mobbed if I end up going out.   Still trying to lazy my way out.

I was looking at my other blog here on blogspot,...."simone says" that has oodles of pics of our garden "woodchuck farms" and it inspired me to get my camera back out, charge the battery (oops!) ....serious lack of use of REAL camera iphone works but not that great.  I realized that this summer I had really neglected the visual side of my garden.   Partly because it is crazy unmanageable....overgrown, over planted, under weeded, but my summer agenda sort of got messed up cuz of this crazy cancer thing!

Still, I love looking back at photos of how my garden changes every year....certain plants disappear, others blossom and spread, and I always forget to write down what I planted where, so photographic evidence is really important.

So, I went out and started snapping yesterday...then my camera battery died.  So I will continue out to take photos and expect to see some up here. Gardening IS therapy and as long as I don't overdo it on the weeds, then I will try and work out there as much as I can before winter is again upon us (it looms closer than I care to think~)

~go green

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