Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1 week post mastectomy, still in love with Mr. Percoset

I have been laying pretty low since last Tuesday's surgery.  I had left mastectomy and tissue expander for my saline implant.  I was expecting it to go pretty well, I had heard the sentinel node biopsy pain was way worse.  This hit me like a mack truck!  more like a team of football players carrying a mack truck! 

I was in the hospital from Tuesday thru Saturday, mostly because they couldn't seem to get a handle on my pain meds.  Now I am home, and today is the first day that I got out of bed without taking a percoset first.  Drank a cup of coffee, sat outside to enjoy my garden for a bit and THEN went and took the percoset. 

but it's an improvement.

mostly, I needed to get out of bed to wash my sheets, my manky surgical bra and the cancer quilt I had with me in the hospital...so, I have to stay out of bed until at least the washing is done!

I think the most pain that I am experiencing is from the expander, I feel like there is a full size football stuck in my chest! (all these football references...can you tell it's getting to be that time of year in my small midwest town??)   But really no other way to describe it. I'm hoping that every 'expansion' will not feel this bad, that this will be the worst part and over and everything else a cake walk (preferably, with cake).

I go to see my plastic surgeon on Thursday, hopefully will take this stinky drain out and I can go about feeling a little less like quasi modo.   Next week off to see the oncologist to tell me what's the haps with chemo.

so...for now, that's about all the excitement going on in my life...percoset, valium and waiting for the spin cycle to be done. 

I think I will go have a brownie for breakfast/lunch

 yey! cancer is fun!


  1. You really are a badass. Plus you should have some cake. I love you.

  2. Hey! I feel your pain with the TEs. Uncomfortable! But it does get better, I promise :-) I am 5 weeks out from my bilateral and doing just fine. I even can even sleep on my side again. The expansions don't hurt - but I did only want 60 ccs per fill, which is pretty conservative. But when he does the injection, you won't feel a thing!

    I had two drains (one on each side) and that was the worst part for me. UGH! I had them for two weeks.

    You can do it girl, just keep being your badass self! Lots of hugs!


  3. Hello "old" friend,
    I want you to know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers everday. I was so sorry to discover that you had to go through this ordeal but you obviously still have the grit and humor to push forward. I know that you will be fine and in a year from now will be running braless through your bountiful garden. Hopefully wearing a top.
    I love you always.
    Rachel C.

  4. @Kasi, thanks for the encouragement, my p/s told me today that they should feel horrible and would until I have them taken out and the implants put in. At this rate, I'm thinking 11-yo girl size nanners is sounding pretty appealing to me right now.

  5. I know I keep saying it but it will get better! When I took my first shower, that was also a totally surreal experience, to not be able to feel my chest. I did a bilateral. But I am even now getting used the the numbness and went out in a bathing suit before I started my chemo. You could barely tell that I had tissue expanders. Don't doubt your decision to do reconstruction. :-D


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