Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cancer Support Network's Benefits and Power

If you are a cancer patient or a cancer survivor, you may feel at times that no one understands what you are going through or what you have been through. Describing your experiences to someone who hasn't had cancer can seem like describing snow to someone who has spent their life living in the rain forest. Indeed, your friends and relatives may just not be able to relate to your experiences.

This is why it is important to get support and strength from other cancer survivors who understand what you are going through.  For Example if you have or had
breast cancer, you would probably want advice and companionship from someone who has gone through breast cancer or is going through it currently. The same goes for if you have a rare disease such as mesothelioma, you will probably want to join a support group for cancer survivors who have gone through mesothelioma treatment. Not only will you be encouraged and find companionship, but you will also learn what you can expect and tricks to help cope with treatment from others who are farther along in their journey.

Some people find that writing about their experiences is particularly helpful. If this is true for you, then you may want to join and
online support group. An online group is also good for people who may not be able to get out of their house to attend support group meetings in person. One such online group is called the Cancer Support Network and can be found at

If you find that talking about your feelings is particularly helpful, you may want to join a support group locally. That way, you can gather together with other survivors in order to talk and work through your concerns and fears. You will also be able to share your victories and accomplishments. In addition, you may be able to find out about resources in your local area when you attend such a support group. This can be very helpful. In order to find a local group in your area, you may ask your oncologist or simply do a web search. Sometimes, groups post information in the newspaper about their meeting times.

Getting the support that you need is important. Whether you are a survivor, fighting cancer right now or in remission, you may want to join a group in order to connect with others who understand what you have gone through and are going through.

By: David Haas writer of the Haas Blaag

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