Saturday, August 13, 2011

off balance

Interesting discovery and observation last night. (at least to me)

I was doing my pre bed time yoga stretching, and found, happily, my range of motion in my left arm seems to be improving a bit!  I can almost do a full 'sweeping' arm circle over my head, even if I can't stretch it as high as the right, that is a definite improvement.

After doing the standard floor work, I stood up and thought to myself, I haven't done many standing poses since my mastectomy.  Tree pose is one of my favorites, it makes me feel strong and powerful in my body, as I'm able to really use my core and balance for a long time.  Last night, I couldn't do tree with my left leg for anything...not even a modified tree with my foot on my ankle!!  Very interesting seeing as I am physically 'out of balance' having had one boob cut off.   Of course, I had just taken my cornucopia of evening meds, and that possibly could have kicked in and affected my balance, as I will need to try again when I'm less medicated to see if I have better luck. 

Obviously, it's another posture I need to work back into, and I'm thinking that with the slowly decreasing discomfort of the tissue expander, I may be able to go out to Cascade Yoga Studio  to take some classes in the upcoming weeks just to get a little more challenge, and maybe some new modifications to some familiar postures.

I've been kicking around the idea in my head for several years about doing the yoga teacher training, and I've always been fearful of it because of my RA, that I would be limited in my ability to do all the postures.  I know I can teach, I love to do that, but wonder if I CAN teach if I can't do.   I would love to be able to lead a class for people like me...going through changes in their lives and bodies and wanting to continue or start a yoga practice but not feeling confident that their new bodies can handle a regular class.

well...another realm of possibility to consider for me anyway.  I have the time now, but the funds are sort of tied up in the medical world at the moment.  Who knows what the universe will bring if I think on it hard enough, though.

for now, I will work on getting myself back to balance.


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  1. I don't know ANY yoga teacher who would say they *can* do all the postures. I'd say go for it!


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