Wednesday, September 7, 2011


"My dear friend,

"These ladies have come to bring you this ancient and venerable hamsa.  The hamsa/hamesh or "Hand of Fatima/Mariam/Mary" is recognized by all people of the Book. It's symbolism and mystery date back as far as Mesopotamia.

"The hamsa is a symbol of the strength and protection of women for women.  This hamsa was held by women for untold time in their homes of Egypt, and it protected them from the evil eye.  It then was carried from there many years later and came into the hands of one of my teachers, Aida al Adawi.

"From her hands it was passed to me a decade ago and was adorned with the beads you see with it now. We took this powerful amulet to a dear friend who needed our love and support when we could not always be there with her and she carried it with her to her treatments, and held it until she was well again. And then, when she was strong, she brought it back to me in order for it to be passed on yet again. I myself held the hamsa after the loss of my mother and now I am strong again and ready to pass it on.

"We bring this to you here to have you take with you the love and support and blessings it represents, from woman to woman.  When you have gained the strength you need and are ready, we will again take back the hamsa to be passed along to another who needs that protection. Only you will know when it is time, there is no predestined date. Only a sense in your heart and mind that you are ready to pass the amulet on.  We love you and hold you safe in our hearts and minds.  And so it will continue...


Are my girls awesome or what?!


  1. WOW!. So glad you posted this Kasi. Thanks

  2. Hi...this is Ceekay from My Journey with Teal. I am sorry that I am just getting back to you but I have had a rough week. You mentioned you had a can I help you?


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