Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm comin' up so you better get this party started..~PINK

I've been overdue for a haircut for about 4 weeks now, but I've been waffling about letting it grow out vs. getting it cut because I wanted to shave my head right before I started chemo.   After my visit to my oncologist, he told me there was a very small chance that I may be able to skip chemo althogether (VERY small, but hey...I hit the odds for the POINT 5 Percent for invasive BC-so you never know!).  Combine that with all the party poopers who tell me I may not even lose my hair during chemo and I was getting pretty desperate about what to do.

 My hair is at a good length if I want to shampoo every morning and blow it out with product, but who wants to do that when I'm spending the majority of my time chillaxin' in the pool.??!!!  It is NOT at a good length to be told-REPEATEDLY- that I am not allowed to use any hair product prior to any of my previous or future surgeries.  Are these people trying to kill me??  seriously, I can go without deodorant for days, but my 'do just does not DO without product. Period.

I went to a graduation party this past weekend at my neighbor's house and there was a woman there 3 months out of chemo from BC with the CUTEST hairdo- just growing out from being bald.   I thought....I NEED to go get my haircut now! and while I'm at it, why not bleach it platinum or dye it pink.  so I did.

It freaking ROCKS.

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