Thursday, February 14, 2013

I make my OWN Valentimes day!

 Happy Heart Day!

Today is my ONE year anniversary of my last (real) Chemo treatment!  I can't believe it's been a year since I was bald, skinny and sick.

a year ago
I baked a giant triple chunk heart brownie for my sweetlings, It looks pretty but the bottom is overbaked because I used a double batch.  I wanted a BIG heart brownie.  The middle is pretty good, especially for breakfast.

Now...(yes, I look like this ALL
the time!)
My wonderful hubs got me this beauty box of FANCY choc-o-lattes (french accent there pls!) which I ate about 1/2 of last night.  Zumba tonight I think is a necessity.  I have Lowell Wellness Board of Directors meeting tonight, but I missed the last two weeks because of crappy winter weather..
Update on Shanti:  She is GROWING! (I know QUELLE SUPRISE!) [mandatory to throw in as many french phrases as possible on Valentine's day]  She also still hasn't figured out NOT to poop in the house!  My husband, the enforcer started letting her sleep in our bed about a week ago, because she woke him up too often in the middle of the night and he was getting tired of sleeping on the couch with her.  This is fine with me, she is like my own little heating pad, but is interesting when another skinny little body is ALSO in the middle of the bed.  Hubs looked at me the other day and said..."this is going to be bad when she is bigger isn't it?"  He is totally wrapped around her little pink toe (the one with the white fur on it).  She has this sad soulful face that defies you to NOT give her what she wants.  Max has adjusted well, and has a constant wiggly, black growth chewing on him pretty much all the time she is out of her crate.  He doesn't seem to mind, but I notice he does a lot more laying around and teeth gnashing than playing, as he did in the beginning.  Is it possible to tire out a Border Collie?  I think Shanti has managed it.

Work is, well, work. But I'm getting used to it, and after joining my carpool, not having to drive everyday, makes it a lot nicer!  Here is the view out the window of my office on the 7th floor. And another of my office the first week I was there.  Most of the computers being stored in there are gone, so I have enough room to actually put another office in it!  After the last place, I'm not used to such luxurious digs!  But they are gutting the building soon (built during the asbestos era) and we are supposed to be moving somewhere else.  No news on that yet.

I have been playing this winter low key, trying to get used to my new work schedule, and the lack of daylight and sun.  Of course, I am still managing to get some exercise in. For example, this photo of me practicing yoga at the slopes was snapped recently (they photo-shopped someone else's head onto my body).

And here I am demonstrating to this person how to do this pose correctly (I'm not in the shot).

Haha....actually, Yoga is the one thing that has fallen into disrepair.  Monday pm yoga at the Y is out, now, I get home too late.  But I have been trying to hit the Thursday Zumba class, Sunday is Bellydancing YEY! and I'm signed up for a 3 hour tribal bellydance workshop this Saturday!  I'm excited AND terrified, as I fear I will not be able to move for about a week after.  I guess the only solution will be for me to go to Sunday bellydance and try to work the kinks out.  I'm gradually working on adding tassels to anything that doesn't move.  Just trying to put together a few full dance outfits, and going more towards tribal style.  Shanti SOMEHOW managed to remove a tassel from my dance belt from INSIDE my dance bag on TOP of a bed in a closed bedroom and then reduce it to a large pile of yarn pieces.  She also got a hold of some balls of yarn from the music room and turned them into a big pile of mess.  She lacks the finesse of Oscar as a kitten, though, as he used the balls of yarn artistically, while Shanti is more about just turning it into a big pile of mess.  She's just so cute though............ (that's how it all started with Oscar)...
but for today...wishing you Love!   ~om~

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  1. Congratulations! I know how I felt when I hit my one year markers....I couldn't believe that it was already a one!



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