Saturday, December 8, 2012

Isn't it ironic.....?

Turns out...Borg port photo out looks pretty much the same as Borg port least while all the steri-strips are still in place.   I promise I will get a NICE photo of my collarbone sans bulbous goiter, but it may take awhile...those steri-strips stay on forever!

WARRIOR bracelet, peekaboo lotus breast
The surgery went awesome, about 20 minutes, and they didn't put me all the way out, just some nice relaxing whatever (couple glasses of wine would have worked out the same) and some local injections of Lido.  The surgeon was Indian and we discussed our favorite indian dishes....mine being a toss up between Madhur Jaffrey's Lamb Saag and Fresh coriander chicken with lemon.  At 8:30 in the am, a strange conversation, but I hadn't eaten yet, and I'm not sure how long the surgeon had been on duty.  The nurse said she could have put me out totally, but said they were all very entertained by our conversations.  I guess I should feel flattered that she didn't feel the need to shut me up....   :)

I'm a little more sore than I expected, and it feels so strange to be able to move my head in any direction and not feel that now familiar tug of the catheter.

I know people have had huge celebrations, meltdowns, etc. once the chemo is done, but I actually prefer this quiet sort of celebration that this phase of my treatment is over.  I will still have to see my oncologist in 3 months (and probably like that for awhile).

I was tempted to go back and read some of my posts from last year, when I was in the thick of things, but resisted the urge.

So much has happened since then.  The lack of posts here attest to that.  I have a feeling that this blog will start turning into a recap of what's happened vs the play by play it used to be.  Time to blog is not what it used to be.  Here are a few cool things that have gone on that I don't think would have happened had I not gone through this experience:

  • I got appointed to the Lowell Community Wellness Board of Directors.  The wonderful woman who was involved with Pink Arrow Pride project had to step down after 6 years, and I'm hoping to be able to step into that project among others.  This is going to be an adventure that will take me down paths I could never imagine.  I'm looking forward it
  • I got a few extra tattoos besides "the Lotus Breast".  Because of Tracey's awesome Relay for Life speech--the youtube video is posted a few blogs back-- I got my inspiration for my survivor bracelet, which turned out awesome, then went whole hog and got my 1/4 sleeve Hanuman.  Brian started on his 1/2 sleeve at the time that I went in to get my bracelet, and after a little bit of thought we decided, after what I've been through why the hell shouldn't I get it???   I wear sweaters through most of the summer anyways, when I'm indoors.  For those of you NOT familiar with the million or so Hindu dieties, Hanuman is the Hindu Monkey god.  And for those of you who know me in person, have heard my hubs call me "Monkey" a few times.  Besides that, Hanuman represents strength, he is the slayer of demons, but the embodiment of  love.  His story is told in the Ramayama, and summed up in MC Yogi's song "Rock on Hanuman".  I LOVE the way he turned out, and of course, both the hubs and I are thinking of what else we can put on our bodies....but have decided to save a little money for the holidays and stuff.
  • I decided I want to become a certified yoga instructor.  I had planned on taking an intensive course at Hilltop Yoga in Lansing-where Brian took his, however, the funds were just not there, so I've postponed it until next year.  POSTPONED being the operative word.  Since my journey began, I've learned to trust my intuition a bit more. When things feel right-go with it, when they don't--back off and examine what's happening there.  More on what I want to do once I become a yoga instructor later....
  • Lastly, I went all 007 and did an undercover photoshoot as a present to my hubs for our 14th anniversary.  The results are posted here and in my previous post.  I went for 20s/30s silver screen glam combined with some of my hobbies and interest- bollywood, bellydancing. And of course, the opportunity to showcase the beautiful art on my body.  I know I never would have had the confidence to even THINK of doing something like this, and the shoot was fantastically fun, and the results, amazing.  
In a way, I'm sad that I've not had the time to spend on my blog since I went back to work in July, but I suppose that is to be expected--life gets in the way.  On the other hand----LIFE---- that is what I was fighting for this whole time.


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  1. Gorgeous photos! I'm so glad to hear you're doing well and got the port out. Sweet freedom.


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