Friday, October 12, 2012


Just got back from the doctor and on top of the bladder infection I'm treating right now, I just found out I have shingles! Ugh. Off to the pharmacy for yet ANOTHER prescription.

On the positive front- only 2 more IV Herceptin treatments. Then I can be un-Borged, just not sure when.

Cudos to my neighbor who nailed the shingles diagnosis while we were working on our bra design for "Bras Across the Grand" on October 20th at ah-Nan-Awen park.

Hosted by the ACS, It's for Breast cancer awareness and our entry -#7- is called "girlies gone wild".

My neighbor works downtown so she was able to score a free bra and then I just dug through my "stash" and came up with everything else!!! So except for labor, the entire thing cost us nothing! I'm hoping we can make it into top ten.
So if you are downtown on the 20th, stop by the pedestrian bridge and check out all the Bras and vote for your favorite (#7).

I'm hoping to get down there a little early to check it out, but that is the day I'll be be getting my tattoo colored in!  I'm so excited about that!

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  1. Hope your bout with shingles wasn't too bad! I have had mild cases of them a couple of times.

    Hope you are settling into your work schedule and all is well!


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