Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today, my house almost burned down.

Well, it could have, but it didn't.  Actually,  my dryer lint filter got so plugged up with lint from an old chenille blanket, it shorted out the motor and charred the inside of the dryer.  My hubs smelled the smoke while he was outside hot-tubbing with our son.  My nasal membranes were fried from the fumes of the drying garlic in the oven, so I was blissfully unaware of the shananigans going on in the laundry room.
charbroiled laundry!

Sometimes, the universe bumps us a little bit just to remind us to slow down, pay attention, and oh yah...clean out your dryer ducts every once in awhile!

Thanks, universe!  (can you swing me a good rate on a new dryer, though?)

classing up the neighborhood!


  1. Wow I'm glad it didn't completely burst into flames!

  2. Um, what the F? Like this is what you needed right now. Sheesh!

  3. We were really lucky! Now of course I'm preaching the good word to all who will listen...CLEAN YOUR DRYERS! on the up side...haven't had to do laundry this week! :) Lori


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